A small, badly-drawn fish.

Fish is a commonly-mentioned food all over Arka Land, especially with Luni and Seel.  It is popular to them because fairy penguins and Australian fur seals both have a strong diet of fish and squids, which both are their favourite foods.

Appearances Edit

  • First Animation - Luni goes to the rock pool and Seel chucks a fish into Luni's mouth.
  • Digging a Hole - Luni says "Holy fishcakes!".
  • Seel and Luni - Seel mentions fish, and Luni goes and eats some.
  • The Pizza Party - Luni says he has an extra large anchovies pizza for only him and Seel.
  • The Ladytypes - Luni goes fishing.
  • The Sleepover - Luni again says "Holy fishcakes!", and they hold a fish-eating contest.
  • Cocoa's Restaurant - Luni orders a fried barramundi with a side of sardines.
  • A Sir Bumble Smorgasbord - Luni again says "Holy fishcakes!", and sees some sardines with tomato sauce.
  • Luni's Last Caviar - Luni and Seel are looking for tins of caviar, which is a luxury delicacy of non-salted sturgeon roe.
  • Chum - Luni is hunting the Big-Fin Shark, and 'chum' itself is fish guts.
  • Why I'm So Fat Music Video - Luni talks about stuffing a big fish with white bread, and he smokes a barracuda over a fire.
  • Soundboard - You can make Luni say "fish".
  • Character Profiles - It is mentioned that Luni loves fish, especially barramundi.
  • Buabels - The first question asks what Luni's favourite food is, the right answer being 'Fish'.

Trivia Edit

  • Craig chose fish as Luni's favourite food straight after learning the diet of a fairy penguin.
  • A fishcake is a filleted fish and a potato patty coated with breadcrumbs or butter.
  • Fish overeating may be the explanation for Luni's obesity.
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